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Let me tell you a story, boys and girls. So gather ‘round.

People are assholes and Google is an idiot. See, Google likes to blindly include infected ads onto their advertising networks and allow them to circulate through major websites like Bulbapedia, Twitpic and so on.

Once your computer and the infected advertisement have communicated, a program will automatically install itself onto your computer and begin fucking your shit up. More often than not, the user suddenly panics and doesn’t bother to take note of WHAT ad it was, WHAT page it happened on, OR what the address the advertisement originated. Which is fine. Computer viruses are scary shit. It’s understandable that you’d be afraid.  (If your computer was infected, I recommend you install Malwarebytes in while in safemode, if you haven’t already.)

Unfortunately, not being able to provide that information will come at a price. The webmaster will not be able to know what ad infected your computer, he will not be able to block it from his website, and he will not be able to send a report to google. Thus, threats continue to wreak havoc on other users’ computers. Including yours.


You do what you SHOULD have done in the first place and install Adblock Plus! A free ad blocker extension for Firefox! They even have it for Chrome, Opera and even your Android phone!

Don’t even ask why Internet Explorer isn’t on that list. Why the fuck are you even running IE in the first place?!

Hooray, now you have the ability to browse ANY website, despite warnings of infected advertisements. Youtube ads? Gone! Never again will you miss something on Livestream because it had to interrupt with an ad! Not to mention, your browser will run faster because it doesn’t have to take time to load those pesky advertisements!

Thanks a million, Gary! You sure helped us out!
Yeah, I know. You don’t have to say a thing. It’s all in a day’s work for Gary Oak.

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